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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008

Special: 44 years economic history

Messer is taking part in a European Union campaign designed to reduce the number of road deaths in Europe.


Social Responsibility

When it comes to selecting and supporting projects, Messer is guided by its core business. Its aim is to establish a relationship and create positive synergies. Thus, for example, the company is actively involved in the medical sector – one of its main markets – through donations of money and goods.

European Road Safety Charter

Fewer road deaths – with this aim Messer has signed the European Road Safety Charter. In doing so, Messer has committed itself to supporting the objective of the European Union’s action programme to halve the number of deaths on Europe’s roads by 2010. Messer has more than 350 tankers and 500 cylinder transporters making deliveries to customers every day. Special rules and regulations for the industrial gases sector as well as regular training are helping our drivers transport and handle gases safely. Messer has committed itself to additional measures, including a road safety campaign for its subsidiary companies in 30 countries. Driver training for tanker drivers will also be further expanded.

Messer donates baby hatch

Messer Technogas, supplier of medical gases to Příbram Hospital in the Czech Republic since 1994, was involved in the acquisition of a baby hatch along with four other partners. The hatch allows mothers to give up their babies for adoption anonymously without putting the life of the newborn at risk. As soon as the child is placed in the incubator, which is located on the exterior of the hospital building, a heating and ventilation system is activated. A short time later, the hatch triggers a signal in the neonatal unit. The nursing staff then immediately removes the infant from the box, which can be opened from the inside, in order to provide initial care. Since the first ‘baby hatch’ was opened in Prague three years ago, their number has grown to thirteen in the Czech Republic. So far, 14 babies have been given up for adoption in this way.

Oxygen saves lives

The rescue dog service in the Hungarian town of Túrkeve is well known in the region for its rescue efforts in emergencies and disasters. The helpers are used in search and rescue operations throughout the country. Messer Hungarogáz supports the rescue dog service with medical oxygen. Oxygen is often a lifesaver when administering first aid to casualties immediately after rescue.

Donation helps blood donor service

500,000 units of blood (1 unit = 4.5 dl) per year are required to maintain adequate supplies of donated blood in Hungary. In other words, volunteers have to provide half a million blood donations each year. In Hungary, the blood donor service is organised by the Red Cross, which can mobilise around 450,000 donors annually. Donation appeals in public places and buildings as well as at events play an increasingly important role. A mobile blood donation service has been launched for this purpose. The service’s mobile blood donation unit can reach many potential donors in busy public places and at a wide range of events. In 2008, Messer Hungarogáz donated 20,000 euros to the Hungarian Red Cross in order to help it build up its equipment for the mobile blood donation unit – the donation was used to buy analytical equipment and collection mixers for the analysis and processing of blood donations.



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