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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008

Special: 44 years economic history

The vocational training centre (bbz) of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Siegen, Germany, receives all its technical gases from Messer.


The “European Researchers’ Night” in Hungary offered hands-on science.


Education and Training

Practical faculty-based training

Messer Tehnogas has been working closely with the new “Welding and Welding Construction” department in the mechanical engineering faculty at Belgrade University for two years in order to support the training of qualified specialists. Messer has set up a welding centre for the students, which means that, in addition to the scholarships awarded by Messer, it is now also possible to hold international events on every aspect of cutting and welding. With the help of Gordana Mitrović, advisor of studies at the Institute for Education, Messer Tehnogas has recently extended its collaboration to include the Education Ministry and the Institute for Education. Since September 2008, students at the technical universities in Lazarevac, Železnik, Čačak, Kragujevac and Niš have been attending lectures in “Machine technology for maintenance and repairs”, the latest subject to be added to the curriculum. Messer Tehnogas and Castolin Eutectic are supporting the labour market-oriented training by supplying welding equipment and the necessary welding gases.

New partnership to foster young talent

In November 2008, Messer’s Serbian subsidiary signed a cooperation agreement with five technical universities, the Education Ministry and an institute for the promotion of scholarships. Serbia’s Education Minister, Žarko Obradoviç emphasized the importance of the education programme. Graduates of the technical faculties supported by Messer are in great demand on the Serbian labour market. Messer donated 30,000 euros to mark the beginning of the new partnership, and the company also plans to expand its support significantly in the long term.

Gases for training

Messer Industriegase is supplying the vocational training centre (bbz) of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Siegen with all the technical gases it requires. The bbz is involved in the training of up to 4,000 people a year who are employed by regional industrial companies. The welding facility of the German Association for Welding and Related Technologies (DVS) alone trains around 600 trainees a year in welding related trades.

Science inspires young people

The aim of the European Commission’s “European Researchers’ Night” initiative is to get young people interested in science. In 2008, Hungarian researchers once again took part in this event. Messer was one of the main sponsors in Hungary. Under the motto “Miracles Out of Thin Air”, researchers showed where and how gases found in air are encountered in our everyday lives and how interesting the world of oxygen and co in their different states can be. This was the third time that Hungary took part in the “Researchers’ Night”, which was held simultaneously in more than 200 towns across 27 European countries on 26 September.

Innovation fund for universities

Within the framework of an innovation fund, Messer has been supporting research projects at several Hungarian universities with gas supplies. One such project is based at the University of Pannon, which is conducting research into the possibilities of industrial gas applications in the production and treatment of biofuel. The University of Miskolc is home to another project supported by Messer. The researchers there have studied ways of using industrial gases to reduce environmental pollution. Meanwhile, the Technical University of Budapest is researching innovative technologies aimed at improving the quality of welding applications in the automotive industry.

GaseWiki launched to generate interest in chemistry and technology

With the new, free Internet encyclopaedia “GaseWiki”, Messer wants to establish a comprehensive reference work dealing with all aspects of gases and how and where they are used. The industrial gas producer’s objective is to increase interest in chemistry and technology, especially amongst school and university students. Messer consciously opted for a knowledge platform on the Internet as learners often prefer it over classical reference works because the medium’s speed and diversity. “GaseWiki” is to be further expanded this year. As the provider, Messer has decided to use a neutral logo on the encyclopaedia’s web pages. The aim of this is to encourage other industrial gas producers to fulfil the common, corporate educational mission that companies in Germany share.

Chemistry and schoolgirls – a good combination

Getting young people interested in chemistry at all – or ultimately getting them to pursue a career in this industry – can often be a tough task. But it always doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth – there are also practical, exciting and interesting ways to accomplish the same result.

One such example was when a group of junior high school pupils from the Col.legi Aura girls’ school in Tarragona visited Messer Ibérica. The purpose of the visit was to improve the girls’ understanding of the role of chemistry in everyday life, break down prejudices and open up career prospects. Messer Ibérica has been involved in this programme for years, which is supported by the education ministry and the Tarragona chemical group. The project is also catching on elsewhere in Spain. Similar projects are being run in the Basque region as well as in Andalusia, Aragon and Valencia.




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