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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008


Emerging from the crisis stronger

The current economic situation means that it is not easy to give a certain prognosis for 2009. But we can say one thing for certain: we are optimistic about the future – for four good reasons.

Firstly: our industrial gas business covers a huge range of different sectors of industry. There are very few products in everyday life which can be made or processed without the use of industrial gases. Of course, Messer does supply to industries which are affected by the economic crisis. However, we also work for customers whose products and services are bucking the trend and booming. We will capitalise on the current economic situation in order to continue our positive development.

Secondly: within the industrial gas sector, our strategy is to be a “small player among the big boys”. As an independent, owner-managed company, we can act more flexibly, make quicker decisions and respond to the changing needs of our customers at shorter notice  This competitive edge is especially important in times where the economic situation is tense and is rewarded accordingly. Since returning to the German domestic market, Messer has obtained or won back over 200 customers. This successful new customer acquisition trend is set to continue all around the world in 2009.

Thirdly: Messer does not think in terms of quarterly figures, instead it focuses on long-term success. Therefore, we will continue to consistently implement our investment strategy in growth markets in 2009, even amid the general economic crisis. We can do this with the security of a family company which is on a sound economic footing.

Fourthly: for Messer, turnover and employees are both parameters of success which need to grow in equal measure. Or, to put it another way: our company could not be as successful as it currently is without our employees around the world. Therefore, we will continue to invest in training and further training for our employees, as well as employee transfer throughout the group.

Against this backdrop, there is no reason for Messer to start jumping on the pessimist bandwagon. Instead, we offer all those who work for us and with us the opportunity to emerge from the crisis stronger.



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