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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008

Western Europe


"In the area of product independence, we have been able to meet many outstanding targets."

Egon Glitz, Senior Vice President Western Europe

The region of Western Europe is characterised by a wide variety of customers, applications and products in a heterogeneous market environment.

For our activities in the region, it is critically important that we achieve the strategic targets of the Messer Group, adapted to country specific circumstances. The focus here is on the customers, the development of the market and our employees.

Investment in more independence

Another very important subject is the realisation of our major investment projects for even more product independence. Against this background, it was possible to achieve many outstanding successes in the Western European region in 2008, such as the commissioning of our new air separation plant in Spain, for example.

The highest priority is also accorded to the selection and further development of our staff in the national companies.

Gases remain in demand, even in times of economic downturn

The dark clouds of world-wide recession have also had a negative influence on business in Western Europe. The automobile sector and chemicals appear to have been hit especially hard. As a gases enterprise, we are also feeling this general trend, but far less negatively than might have been expected. In principle, our industry is robust, even in economically difficult times, because gases are used in almost all areas of production.

Some highlights of the region Western Europe in 2008 (to go to the animation, please click on the graphic)


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