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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008


Messer Industriegase GmbH operates a state-ofthe-art filling plant for technical gases in Siegen, an industrial center for medium-sized metal working enterprises. Gases for numerous industrial applications are delivered in steel cylinders and cylinder bundles from this plant. The main areas of focus are cutting and welding, gases for a large number of application-specific processes, medical gases and specialty gases. The comprehensive build-up of distribution partners to supply the regional markets is gradually being pursued from the core regions.

Messer in Germany offers the innovative 300-bar technology for cylinder gases. This technology provides a higher content with an unchanged cylinder size and for this reason enables that the gas cylinders can be used for longer periods of time. A new generation of valves facilitates the safe withdrawal of gases. The two air separation units in Siegen and Salzgitter provide the company with its own production capacities for cryogenic liquefied gases.


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