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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008


The main production sites are two air separation units in Smederevo, which are linked to the steel plant U.S. Steel Serbia via a pipeline. The third largest air separation unit is located in Merosina, near Niš. The three facilities are important sources for liquefied gases throughout the Balkans. The local gas business is closely linked to chemical production. This is especially true for Pančevo, the heart of Serbia’s chemical industry, but also for Odžaci in the Vojvodina region. Messer Tehnogas supplies customers from the industrial, health, food and beverage, environmental protection and security industries with liquefied and cylinder gases.

Messer Tehnogas is a traditional supplier of technical and medical gases in Serbia. The company was founded in Belgrade in 1929, and the majority of shares was purchased by the Messer Group in 1997.


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