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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008

Eastern Europe

fuenfhausen_90x136 "With the new source in Poland we optimise the product supply in Central Europe."

Dirk Fünfhausen, Senior Vice President Central Europe

Continuous rectification of supply guarantee

Messer holds a good market position in most countries of the Eastern Europe region. We want to defend or to improve this position – in the firm belief in the above-average growth prospects in the region.

In the past financial year, three air separation plants and a large nitrogen generator were under construction, of which the air separation plant constructed at ArcelorMittal in Bosnia-Herzegovina was commissioned at the end of the year.

Work on the new air separation plant in Rybnik, Poland, began in March 2008. When the plant goes into operation at the end of April 2009, Messer Polska will be completely autonomous in its production of liquid oxygen and nitrogen, and purchases of liquid argon from Western Europe can be halved. In addition to reducing the load on Western European sources, freeing capacity for use by other Messer national companies, it will also be possible for Messer Polska to supply its customers with liquid gases, even in very large volumes. The supply situation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia will also be optimised.

Following the renewal of the pipeline contract with ArcelorMittal Ostrava in 2007, it was also possible to conclude a long-term follow-up contract with the Slovnaft Bratislava Refinery for the supply of pipeline gases. This also makes it possible, among other things, to use the air separators installed for the supply of gases by tanker vehicle in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the neighbouring countries.

With our acquisition of an N2O production unit from BorsodChem MCHZ Ostrava, Messer can now offer the whole chain from production to filling for the region.

In collaboration with Cryogenic Engineering, we acquired the construction of a 2,000-m3 generator at Rokita in Brzeg Dolny. This is our first generator in Poland and is sure to serve as a reference for further customers. In the Czech Republic, an on-site contract for a generator was signed with the firm Spolchemie in Usti.

The restructuring of the medical business of our Austrian subsidiary Laborex-Sanesco was completed with positive results in 2008. This gives Laborex-Sanesco an opportunity to expand its profitable domestic business and, at the same time, to serve other markets in Europe with attractive products and services.

bode_90x136 "In spite of the crisis – we believe there will be an above-average development of the gases market in Eastern Europe."

Ernst Bode, Senior Vice President South Eastern Europe

Consolidating of a strong market position

Messer holds a strong market position in most of the countries of the south-east Europe region. We want to defend and consolidate this position, firmly believing in the region’s future and its above-average growth prospects.

In the past financial year, three air separation plants and a nitrogen generator were under construction, of which the air separation plant constructed at Mittal in Bosnia Herzegovina went into operation towards the end of the year.

Once the ongoing projects are completed, the region will have a balanced supply of oxygen, nitrogen and argon as well as sufficient capacity to support further growth.

Although the global crisis has already left its mark in the last quarter in terms of declining quantities, falling prices and the devaluation of most of the region’s currencies against the euro, we are firmly convinced that the current crisis will be overcome and the long-term prospects for the region will not change fundamentally.

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