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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008


With a market share of above 60% Messer is the leading industrial gas company in Bosnia-Herzegovina. One special feature of Messer's business activities in Bosnia-Herzegovina is the supply of propane butane from the LPG («Liquid Petroleum Gas») filling plant in Sarajevo. Messer also runs the first LPG station in Bosnia. All the significant customers in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the food and beverage, medical and chemical segments are supplied with oxygen, CO2, acetylene, argon and nitrogen as well as cylinder gases from local filling plants. Liquefied products are manufactured in the Messer Group production facilities in neighbouring countries.

The Messer Group has three companies in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Messer Sarajevo Plin, founded in 1998, Messer Mostar Plin, founded in 1997 and Messer BH Gas, founded in 2007. Since August 2004 Messer is also a majority owner of Plin Sarajevo DD, its joint venture partner in Messer Sarajevo Plin.


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