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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008



"Messer China made a great step forward in 2008."

Helmut Schneider, Chief Executive Officer Messer China

Messer China took another great step forward in 2008: We received official approval for the transformation of our national office in Shanghai, which previously traded as "Messer Consulting Shanghai", into a domestic holding company with the name "Messer Griesheim (China) Investment Co." (MCI). Following this change, all shares held by the Messer Group in Chinese companies were transferred to the new MCI. This makes MCI a significant investor, with an equity capital base of over 100 million US dollars and a total investment volume of over 300 million US dollars. So the external presentation and activities of the Messer Group have gained weight in its dealings with authorities and customers in China.

2008 was very successful

Overall, the financial year is considered to have been very successful. The targets for turnover and profits were exceeded. Not least in its contribution to this growth was the commissioning of a new ASU in the joint venture company Chengdu Messer (CMG). Further projects were started and will be completed in 2009 and 2010. We also began negotiations for a new joint venture which had already reached the contract stage by the end of the year. These projects will give a further boost to the strong growth of Messer China.

Negative influences overcome

The financial year was also subject to a number of negative influences: an unusually hard winter led to completion of the first quarter below target. In the second and third quarters, we were able to make up for this downturn with faster growth – in spite of the setback following the powerful earthquake in the province of Sichuan. From September on, the results of the worldwide economic crisis began to make themselves felt, with the export industry being particularly hard hit. Although Messer China's customers were also affected by the downturn, we were able to show high performance for the year as a whole, in spite of a cooling off in the fourth quarter.

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