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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008
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"We rely on capacity and quality. The certification of our new European production units makes the supply of gas even more secure in future."

Ulrich Schlegel, Senior Vice President Logistics/Sourcing and Filling Plants

"As a fundamental principle, cost-optimised production and filling, paying attention to maximum occupational safety and with optimum utilisation of equipment, is our highest priority. In order to achieve this, a state-of-the-art, fully automatic 300-bar filling unit was constructed at the new location of Messer Italia S.p.A. in Settimo near Turin. The helium filling unit at our Austrian location Gumpoldskirchen near Vienna was extended with a 300-bar filling line. Thanks to these two investments, we are better able to meet the high quality demands of our customers while, at the same time, increasing our efficiency and gaining logistic advantages. This means that Messer Italia is well equipped for the future and Messer Austria continues to extend its important position in supplying the European customers of the Messer Group with helium. For the manufacture of top products which meet the highest standards, strict quality management systems are indispensable. Alongside the general system ISO/EN 9001 ff., the special standard ISO/IEC 17025 has been established for laboratories. This standard represents the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories and covers the specific requirements of laboratories. Two of our special gas laboratories, in Mitry-Mory, France, and Machelen, Belgium, were certified on the basis of this standard in 2008. The competence gained in this way is the key to earnings transparency, trust and international comparability. Among the European companies, a unified technical filling works standard was agreed, which appreciably simplified the planning and low-cost construction of our new filling plants. In 2008, there were again phases of supply difficulty to be overcome logistically. Thanks to the close mutual cooperation of the European national companies and many guaranteed long-term delivery contracts, however, no region experienced long-term undersupply. It is now clear that the new air separation plants which have already gone into production will simplify the supply in future. A particularly hard challenge for our logistics in the past financial year was coordination of the various air separation plant projects. We had to organise large-scale transport for our new air separation plants in Switzerland, in Poland and in Rumania, with elaborate documentation and complex customs formalities. All components arrived punctually at their respective sites."

Air Separation Units under construction in Europe. (Animation)


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