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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008

Special: 44 years economic history
Trockeneisstrahlen: Effizient und ohne Strahlmittelrückstände
Dry ice blasting: efficient and without any blast medium residues

Im Schweißtechnikum in Krefeld, Deutschland, werden neue Messer-Mitarbeiter geschult.
New employees of Messer receive training in the welding centre in Krefeld, Germany.

TÜV-Qualifizierung der im ungarischen Technikum entwickelten Schweißverfahren (v.l.: Krisztina Wiegand, Leiterin Schweißtechnik ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Kft sowie Gábor Halász und Johann Ringhofer, Messer Hungarogáz Kft).
TÜV certification of the welding processes developed in the Hungarian technical centre (l. to r.: Krisztina Wiegand, Head of Welding Technology ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Kft with Gábor Halász and Johann Ringhofer, Messer Hungarogáz Kft).


Centers of expertise

The infrastructure of the Messer competence centres for the development of gas technologies for all sectors of industry saw further expansion in 2008.

Burner test rig in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria

At our burner test rig in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, an F-series flameless burner was added to the new Oxipyr burner generation. It opens up different areas of optimisation (fuel consumption, NOx emissions, temperature profile), so that once it has been tested on the burner test rig under realistic conditions a burner can be offered for almost any application.

Asco is the new center of expertise, Switzerland

Asco is the Messer Group’s center of expertise for dry ice and dry ice blasting processes. Thanks to its internationally renowned application-specific expertise and its status as a technology leader in the construction of dry ice production units and Ascojet blasting equipment, the research and development function within the Messer Group has been transferred to Asco. The units are developed and built in the development centres in Switzerland and France, where new applications are also being developed for the use of blasting technology in industry.

As a technology and system provider, Asco operates jointly with Messer in the international markets, providing a one-stop shop for the entire supply chain – CO2 – CO2 tank installation – dry ice production unit – CO2 recovery unit – dry ice – dry ice blasting machine – dry ice boxes, CO2 gas detectors. This business model gives Asco and Messer a clear competitive advantage.

Technical center in Mitry-Mory, France

In Mitry-Mory, France, a CO2 injection system has been added to the Variosol facility. This facility has significantly expanded the possibilities for testing and now facilitates the production of a wide spectrum of particle sizes from liquid and pasty media on a pilot plant scale.

Welding center in Krefeld, Germany

Our welding centre in Krefeld, Germany, which relocated to the site of Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in December 2007, commenced operations at the beginning of 2008. Numerous welding tests have already taken place in the new facility. The centre has also hosted a large number of training events for new employees of the Group.

Cold grinding center in Willich/Krefeld, Germany

In the cold grinding centre in Willich/Krefeld, Germany, a subcooler has been retrofitted, facilitating an even more precise and reproducible cold grinding operation.

Welding technology center in Budapest, Hungary

At the end of April, Messer’s new welding technology centre in Hungary opened its doors for the first time. The technical centre will be used for the development of welding and soldering technologies and also as a venue for practical training courses for welding experts. The centre has four welding stations. It also provides the full range of equipment whose possible applications and settings the future experts need to know, from the simple step switch welding machine through to the complex high-tech welding machine.

The theoretical and practical content is taught by internationally experienced Messer experts as well as recognised specialists in the relevant fields. In addition, Messer offers its partners and other interested companies a TÜV certification of the procedures developed in the Hungarian technical centre. The technologies developed in the welding centre are to be certified in accordance with ÉMI-TÜV-SÜD EN ISO 15614, which acts as a guarantee of enhanced safety and quality for Messer’s international partners and customers.


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