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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008

Special: 44 years economic history
Das VarioSol®-Verfahren von Messer nutzt Kohlendioxid zur Herstellung besonders feiner Pulver.
The VarioSol® process from Messer uses carbon dioxide for the production of particularly fine powders.

Die Kälte von Flüssigstickstoff optimiert die Produktion pharmazeutischer Produkte.
The low temperature of liquid nitrogen optimises the production of pharmaceutical products.

Eine On Site-Anlage versorgt die Laboratorien von Richter Gedeon in Ungarn mit Stickstoff. Thema: Schweißen und Schneiden
An on-site plant supplies the laboratories of Richter Gedeon in Hungary with nitrogen.



The discovery of new cures and the production of more effective medicines requires experienced specialists – and gases from Messer. In laboratories and drug production facilities, they help us realise our greatest wish: good health.

Italy: powders made easy

The VarioSol® process developed by Messer allows fine powders to be produced using liquid carbon dioxide. They are used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Professor Franco Pattarino and Dr. Lorena Segale, scientists at the Institute for Chemistry, Nutritional Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences at the Università del Piemonte Orientale A. Avogadro in Novara (Italy), use the VarioSol® process in their research work: their laboratory carries out research into drug molecules that exhibit certain pharmaceutical disadvantages, such as chemical instability and low solubility. The aim is to modify these properties so that better therapeutic effectiveness is achieved.

Peru: Sintesis Quimica cools production process

Over the next four years, Messer Peru will be supplying Sintesis Quimica S.A. (SINQUISA) with liquid nitrogen, which the pharmaceuticals firm will use for cooling as part of its production process. Founded in 1975, SINQUISA is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Peru. Each year, the industrial group produces around 150 tonnes of synthetic antibiotics and more than 80 tonnes of commodities for the pharmaceutical industry throughout Peru and the rest of Latin America.

Hungary: new nitrogen plant at Richter Gedeon

At Richter Gedeon’s Dorog facility, Messer operates an on-site plant for nitrogen production, supplies the laboratories with laboratory gases and recently installed a Cryocontrol plant for cryogenic reactor cooling. In 2008, Richter Gedeon’s gas requirements increased again. As a consequence, Messer has doubled its nitrogen production on the customer’s premises with a new nitrogen plant.

Hungary: new research laboratory for Servier

The pharmaceuticals manufacturer Servier has built a new research laboratory in one of Budapest’s most modern industrial parks. Servier contracted Messer to fully equip its laboratory. Completed in 2008, the laboratory is being supplied with high-purity gases and gas mixtures by Messer’s Hungarian subsidiary.




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