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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008

Special: 44 years economic history
Beim Recycling von Altpapier kommt Kohlendioxid zum Einsatz.
Carbon dioxide is used during waste paper recycling.

Papierbahnen während des Entstehungsprozesses
Paper production.



From the finest handmade paper to daily newspapers – paper is produced in a wide range of qualities for a diverse range of applications. Gases from Messer ensure both quality and cost-effectiveness in this process. And they are breaking new ground in environmental protection too.

Belgium: sheet by sheet with carbonic acid

Three major paper manufacturers in Belgium use carbon dioxide from Messer for completely different applications. SAPPI (South African Pulp & Paper Industries) is replacing the cost-intensive alum with CO2. At Stora Enso, carbon dioxide helps to stabilise the pH of the wastewater. The fact that carbon dioxide acts as a mild acid allows Stora Enso to save on the costs of aggressive chemicals while at the same time reducing environmental impact. Smurfit Kappa had problems with the bad odour of its paper wastewater. This odour is now neutralised by the addition of carbonic acid. During the test phase, the CO2 requirement was around 600 tonnes. During normal production, this increases to 2,350 tonnes – which, incidentally, is completely dissolved in the water and does not impact on the environment.



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