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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008

Special: 44 years economic history
Messer unterstützt die Künstlerin Gabriele Leigraf mit Gasen und Know-how für das "kunstgerechte Schneiden".
Messer supported the artist Gabriele Leigraf with the necessary gases and cutting expertise to do justice to the artwork.


Art and Culture

Gases as art objects? Messer as artist? Not quite. Because, as is so often the case, gases work their magic in secret. And yet they make a major contribution to some unforgettable moments.

Germany: welded symbol

Even when it comes to art, Messer’s welding technology is in demand. Krefeld artist Gabriele Leigraf produced twenty steles for several large city-centre building sites in Krefeld. The artwork depicts a silk weaver, a symbolic Krefeld figure. The necessary high-alloy stainless steel sheet metal was provided by Thyssen Krupp Nirosta, while Messer provided the necessary gases as well as the cutting expertise required to do justice to the artwork. The steles were on display in Krefeld city centre for several months and were intended to encourage the citizens of Krefeld to view the rebuilding project as a sign of the city’s positive economic development.

Switzerland: Artistic sounds with helium

In the summer of 2008, audio artist Christian Kutter offered his 250 listeners a unique open-air audio experience in Schachen in the Swiss district of Aarau. He created a fascinating sound cube by positioning loudspeakers on the ground and at a height of three metres, with additional speakers floating in the sky. To ensure that the metallic sounds reached the desired heights, Messer Schweiz provided the helium to fill the two-metre balloons from which the loudspeakers were suspended.




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