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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008

Special: 44 years economic history
Zur Wärmebehandlung von Turbinenoberflächen liefert Messer hochreine Gase. Foto: Siemens
Messer supplies high purity gases for the heat treatment of turbine surfaces.
Photo: Siemens.

Stickstoff sorgt bei der Produktion von Klebestreifen für die Inertisierung von Lösungsmittelbehältern, Reaktoren und Behandlungsbecken.
In the production of adhesive tape, nitrogen ensures that solvent containers, reactors and treatment basins are inerted.

Mit dem Kaltdehnverfahren, wie hier bei Fecne in Rumänien, werden Teile so heruntergekühlt, dass sie passgenau eingebaut werden können.
The shrink fitting process is used, as here near Fecne in Romania, to cool parts in a way that they can be fitted with extreme precision.


Industry, Production and Manufacturing

Messer offers a huge variety of gases and applications. But they all have the same aim: to optimise production processes, improve product quality, increase profitability and reduce environmental impact.

China: high-purity gases for Siemens

A large number of new power stations are to be built in the People’s Republic of China in the coming years. A development in which the German company Siemens is also playing a part. In future, Siemens will manufacture highly specialised gas turbines directly in China. The company has built a new manufacturing facility in the Shanghai region. At this plant, high-purity gases from Messer are used in surface treatment as well as in various other heat treatment processes. Messer has been supplying hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and argon since 2008. The turbine blades, which are subject to high thermal stress, have to be protected against temperature and wear by special metal and ceramic coatings. The coating methods that are used for this require high-purity technical gases. In addition to the coating of components, other highly demanding manufacturing technologies in the new Shanghai Siemens factory include heat treatment in high temperature vacuum furnaces and the laser drilling of cooling air holes in turbine blades.

Italy: better stick with Messer

NAR S.p.A., based in the Italian city of Padua, is a company specialising in the production of sticky tape with water-based acrylic adhesives. Nitrogen is used to inert solvent containers, reactors and treatment basins. In addition, NAR processes natural rubber. After polymerisation, this is compressed into a film and subsequently ground up in a cutting mill. The high temperatures that arise from this process are reduced by means of liquid nitrogen supplied by Messer.

Poland: processing aluminium with Incal

Eurometal in Poland signed a supply contract for 300,000 kilograms of LIN per year for aluminium extrusion. For this purpose, the company took delivery of the latest version of Messer’s Incal plant. This allows particularly precise control through analysis of the extrusion plant’s process data. The appropriate software was supplied by Uno Informatica, our cooperation partner. At “Aluminium 2008” in Essen, Germany, Messer presented the Incal process at Uno Informatica’s stand.

Romania: perfect fit with nitrogen

Fecne is one of the leading manufacturers of pressure vessels and equipment in Romania. In order to fit replacement parts in shipyard cranes, Fecne used the shrink fitting process from Messer for the first time. The replacement part is cooled in liquid nitrogen with a temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius, thereby enabling it to be fitted with extreme precision. 1,450 cubic metres of liquid nitrogen was required to cool four replacement parts.



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