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Messer - Geschäftsbericht 2008

Special: 44 years economic history
Oxygen from Messer optimises glass production.

Clear as crystal enjoyment: Hungarian company R-Glass produces attractive glass products.


Glass and Ceramics

Securing clear advantages – Messer satisfies this requirement with industry knowledge, application know-how and surprising solutions. As a result, our customers can frequently drink to both better quality and enhanced profitability.

Poland: Quimicer makes glass and ceramics

The Spanish company Quimicer manufactures ceramic components and glass for a range of technical applications. At its site in Opocznie, Poland, the company currently melts glass frits in two tank furnaces with oxy-fuel burners. Messer Polska supplies the necessary liquid oxygen.

Hungary: clear improvement with oxygen

R-Glass, based in Salgótarján, Hungary, makes glass products such as vases, carafes and glasses. One of the customer’s furnaces, which is operated with natural gas and pre-heated air and produces eight tonnes of glass per day, was not reaching the right temperature for production, so Messer stepped in to help by enriching the combustion air with oxygen, giving it an oxygen content of 23%. This made it possible to increase the temperature while at the same time reducing the consumption of natural gas.



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